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We can help you spend smarter by acquiring more revenue from your AP department. The consortium aggregates the spend of private healthcare providers from across the country, offering a much more aggressive cash rebate schedule with credit limits to comfortably meet your monthly spend needs.

Increase Rebate Returns

UPCG’s consortium model allows members with moderate spending levels access to a larger rebate percentage. Our members average $17k-$19k in cash rebates per every million dollar spent . 

Streamlining the Process

What if you could streamline your payment process by turning your accounts payable department into a profit center? UPCG’s purchasing card program integrates with most ERP’s, allowing you to receive invoices, make payments, set controls, cost segregate, and reconcile under one system. All of this at no cost, while receiving quarterly or monthly rebates on every dollar you spend.

Tailor Fit

Customization that puts your needs first. Our programs are tailored to fit the demands of your company, from single use payments to a fully integrated payable system, or anywhere in between. 

Established Corporate Cards

Already have an established purchasing card program? Make the switch to UPCG and receive a superior level of service, larger rebate, and higher vendor acceptance rate. The results speak for themselves.

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